Our Warehouse

Lane beside Donore Avenue Credit Union, Ruttledge Terrace, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8.

By appointment. Please phone or email.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My name is Aoife. Jenny and I are on a new work adventure. We have set up a furniture business. We've been working on it for a few months now and it seems to be taking shape, one baby step at a time.
We buy mid century furniture; mostly danish/scandinavian design, and lovingly restore it. We call ourselves Table Lighting Chair. Get it?
So far the most popular items have been dining tables and chairs. In general the tables are teak, both solid and veneered. The chairs are left with their original upholstery if it is in good nick, otherwise we reupholster with funky textiles, like the photo of the chair here.

We spent yesterday down at our studio cleaning the place up and getting it ready for an opening (yet to be decided!). We are located off Donore Avenue, Rutledge Terrace, Dublin 8. It was freezing down there but a few pairs of socks and thermals as well as plenty of scrubbing and moving of furniture heated us up nicely. We got a few good photos. All the snow, crisp blue white proved a perfect backdrop. The photos will be uploaded very soon.
Next week will be a busy one. We are at the brocante market next sunday, 17th January 2010. See www.newmarketbrocante.com for more info. So we will spend the week preparing for it. Come down and see us there.


  1. Yo Aoife!
    Sounds great, I've loved your ceramics for years and the name you ended up with for your business is just perfect.
    When I come over to Dublin I'd like to buy one of your lamps. Preferable one looking like the blue one seen above with the lace incorporated. I hope I can get it back with Aer Lingus!
    Lots of TLC from Soeren :-)

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